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Ammonite fossil

This website contains images of fossils found on our property in Hood Co., Texas and surrounding counties. We have found many interesting fossils, and hope you find them interesting as well. The area these fossils were found, was once part of the gulf of Mexico, and is part of the lower Cretaceous period, called the Comanche Peak formation. All of the images in this website are of fossils found on our property, unless otherwise noted. There are specimens from Jack Co., TX and Fannin Co., TX as well.

We found ammonites (shown at left), straight cephalopod fossils, gastropod fossils (snails), bi-valve (clam, brachiopod, and scallop) fossils, oyster fossils, urchin fossils, turtles, and plant life, as well as an abundance of petrified wood on the property in Hood County, TX. Below, click on a category to view images of some of the fossils we have found.

If you have information on any of these fossils, or can identify more fully any of these photos, please contact me by clicking the contact us link above. In addition, check out the various links to other sites that contain information about fossils in north Texas. We welcome your thoughts and comments about our site, and hope this site is educational and interesting for you.

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